Saturday, August 12, 2017

Reworking a Necklace

A fellow jewelry artist I know makes fabulous things from polymer clay. Last year, at her holiday open house, I purchased a necklace that I loved. But it never felt like me...not sure why. I thought about giving it as a gift, and another friend offered to buy it from me, but I didn't want to part with it.  But every time I tried to wear it, I ended up taking it off. 

Today, I took it apart and started from scratch. I kept her basic design but put my own spin on it, replacing tiny beads with scraps of chain and adding some length and to finish it off, a "tassel" of stuff at the bottom.

I wanted to use all of her "feature"  beads, and I did it. Now, I have a necklace that is more me but still her too.

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